From 16 to 20 March 2017, Nina Ananiashvili and the State Ballet of Georgia gave four performances at Tokyo’s prestigious Bunka Kaikan Hall. Alexander Volchkov, Principal Dancer of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, and Marcelo Gomes, Principal Dancer of American Ballet Theater also participated in the Ballet Company’s tour.
Quote From the review: At the end of the first part one-act ballet PETITE MORT by Kylián on Mozart’s music was performed. The idea of PETITE MORT is very interesting. This dance is the unity of the women’s dresses and men’s sabres, the symbols and the bodies. As they say Petite Mort means orgasm, however, supposedly, here lies Kylián’s particular sense of humour. I believe that the State Ballet of Georgia included a refined piece in their repertoire.
The second act of the program began with MOZARTIANA by Balanchine. Surmava and Volchkov performed the main parts, and David Ananeli, Leading Soloist danced Gigue. A little disagreement was felt between the Russian style and Balanchine’s aimed style, however this is the reason why it was so interesting to watch. During the piece by Kylián, I did not have the same impression, maybe it was due to the reason that I had been familiar with Balanchine’s specific style.
Then came the third act - DON QUIXOTE. Nina performed the part of Kitri and Gomes appeared as Basil. Together with them performed the dancers of the State Ballet of Georgia. Then the third act’s wedding scene, which also included the most interesting scenes from the first and second acts, was the peak of celebratory sentiments. Magnificent, lively Nina, who had lost four kilograms especially for this performance, showed her unique Kitri, that the admirers of the ballet world had already fallen in love with. by Koichi Sekiguchi. Dance Cube Web Magazine
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